WRQ 24 – Incredibles 2

We Rate Queerbait
We Rate Queerbait
WRQ 24 - Incredibles 2

We watched Incredibles 2, A sequel that came out about ten years after everyone stopped caring about the Incredibles.

How does the family sitcom-meets-superhero film formula hold up more than a decade later? Isn’t it ironic that an indestructible superhero is actually the most fragile man alive? What ARE Brad Bird’s politics?

Who cares about any of that I’m too busy staring at that thicc pixar ass.

Next week, we’re watching Deca-Dence, an anime that asks the question ‘What if the gaming entertainment you enjoy came at a tremendous human cost– oh wait a minute.’ Recommended viewing is all of it I guess because Devon never gave me the episode list so we just watched the whole thing.

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