WRQ 40 – Kamen Rider W (ft. Izzy)

We Rate Queerbait
We Rate Queerbait
WRQ 40 - Kamen Rider W (ft. Izzy)

We watched Kamen Rider W, a show which continues to prove our hypothesis that there is no such thing as non-homoromantic detective stories. We are also joined by Izzy, from Check Out This Guy!

Shotaro and Phillip are two mystery loving pals, and they only thing they love more than gay little outfits is combining into a single Kamen Rider. Also one of them is a catboy and it’s probably not who you expect. Or maybe it’s exactly who you expect, ikd could go either way now that I think about it.

Next time, we’re watching Brand New Animal, the only good furry anime from 2020. Yes, that is a shot at Beastars.

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