WRQ 29 – The Great Mouse Detective

We Rate Queerbait
We Rate Queerbait
WRQ 29 - The Great Mouse Detective

We watched The Great Mouse Detective. A fun movie about two mouse boyfriends who hate each other. Also transphobia and racism. Thanks Disney!!!!

In this movie, Rattigan serenades us, Basil takes a selfie, Dawson makes up a name, and gravity is terrifying.

Next week, we’re watching Succession. Recommended viewing is season 1, episodes 1, 4, 6, and 8, season 2 S1:E1, S1:E4, S1:E6, S1:E8, S2:E3, S2:E4, S3:E4, S3:E7, S3:E9, S4:E3, and S4:E10

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