WRQ 20 – Hunters Unlucky

We Rate Queerbait
We Rate Queerbait
WRQ 20 - Hunters Unlucky

We read Hunters Unlucky by Abigail Hilton, a book about how all the characters all have a breeding kink so bad it literally causes a war.

We’re getting cancelled for this one folks, because we love the big gay war criminal cat, and the cullings he does on a rival species. In his defense and ours, those guys suck shit big time.

Next week, we’re watching House MD. A funny workplace comedy about the worst hospital imaginable. Recommended viewing is episodes S2E7, S3E10, S4E12, S4E15-16, S5E4, S6E10, S8E19, and S8E21-22. The pilot, S1E20, S5E16, S6E11, S6E16, and S8E20 are extra credit.

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